- The Land of Lacrimo -
Excerpt from “A History of the Most Grand Empire; 0GE-7219GE (Most Current Edition)”

”... The God-King will once again on his birthday provided for his citizens, each and every one, a great feast to be eaten to his own glory. The Witchfires will burn the most brighest and for the first time over 3 billion citizens, from the humans to the xephs, across over 3000 miles, eat as one empire. A devotional is timed across the lands to coincide with the exact moments of the God-King’s birth and prayers beseeching that all our enemies be smote with lances of pure agony and that the God-King’s will continues to protect his people…”

Excerpt from War Journals of Totinus Smith, Grand General of Eastern Obsentia Region, Wiremouth River Front, dated December 24th 7219GE

“It had been a morning of drums and counting. We heard the savages once more in the morning welcoming their death. Will they never understand their gods died long ago? Who recieves their prayers now? I am a general and a soldier, this is not my duty to ponder. Perhaps I’ll put the question to our Soothsayer. He knows the God-Kings infinite will.

In an hour our Arcane Engines will rain fire from miles around. Nearly 200,000 men will watch and participate in the slaughter of over 1 million savages. They out number us mightily but is is us who watch from the bluffs in leisure. Our prayers and technicians are already in place. Mage Knight Perfiious Carpenter has told me the go ahead to unleash our mighty anger. I’ve a fear that killing has become to easy, the conquering too common place. For this reason, they will have another hour of their dead gods and I another hour of prayer. I only hope the feast of tomorrow will better tend my soul than the slaughter of today. In the God-Kings name victory is done.”

Excerpt from The Daily Lacrimo Memorandum December 25th, 7219GE Morning Edition

Main Headlines: Feast Activities to be Conducted between Dawn and Dusk. Devotional Prayer at Striking of 6th Bell…

Section A2: Teleporter failure in Romstock causes wide spread damage and death. “Romstock, a small port town on the southern tip of Goichin 20 Miles south of Lacrimo suffered a rare spontaneous explosion of their cities Teleportation Circles. The scene is said to be contained and any transportational damage sustained to buildings or property will be repaired and repaid by the Grand Treasury, although rebuilding and reinhabiting Romstock could take more than a decade.

Statements from the Arcana Ensemble indicate that a temporal overload happened from a shipment of unstable Mithrail that had been magically doctored to appear more massive than originally thought. “The God-Kings Wrath will devour the bodies of those responsible,” Stated the lead investigator Grand Hunter Juiis Simmons, “Corruption will not be tolerated, and the death and destruction in Romstock will be revisited one million fold.” Any Lacrimo resident with family or friends in Romstock should contact their magistrate for more details on remittance or restitution. Prayers and devotionals will be help for the surviving populace a week from the God-King’s Birthday as to not interfere…”

The Land of Lacrimo