The Land of Lacrimo

The Great Devotional

And so it would be on the 7226th Birthday of the God-King that his empire would pray to him, 3 billion people strong, and for one more year he would protect the empire from Gods, Heathens, Savages and the darkest of the beasts. The great Arcane fires would rage and once more the God-King would be recharged…

But that day, did not go as plan. At least not for the citizen’s of The Empire.

It is Nine Minutes after the 6th bell. The great feast has mostly subsided with only the late revelers still out consuming in the God-King’s name. The city of Lacrimo, on the frontier, saw a much more muted celebration than what was rumored in the cities. Parades and festivities of all kinds would be happening. Arcane energy would be suffusing the cities and lands around for miles. Lacrimo, Fifteen years off from joining the leylines, would still be feasting, having ended the cities devotional nine minutes ago.

Those would be the last minutes of the Grand Empire.



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