The City of Lacrimo

Just North of the City of Romstock, a relatively small city of its own, Lacrimo is a newly established colony on land claimed from the Borean Savages. 20 Miles south of Lacrimo lies the ocean, separated by a tall thin mountain range, called the Ferals. To the east of Lacrimo lies the Borean Desert and to the west lies a large open savanna of fertile soils and roiling hills. The River Hoi has a sluggish tributary known as the Meander which runs through Lacrimo before petering out north of the Ferals.


Lacrimo is home to about 23,000 Citizens with a mixed Ethnic base of Humans, Giants and Xephs, something common to frontier towns of this type. There is a very small Maenad population, mostly in the slums.

Lacrimo experiences little averse weather, straddling a conversion zone between a desert and prairie area. Rains fall well to the south against the Ferals. Lacrimo is located far enough off the desert plains to miss sand storms.

Lacrimo was located in its area primarily to serve in the future as a trading stop for the Engines of War as they crossed the Borean Desert. Scouting and establishment of bases farther into the desert is currently in progress, helping to fuel the local economy.

Additionally, farming of the savanna, animal husbandry focused on horses and a gem mined located in the northern Ferals provide enough income to keep Lacrimo solvent.

The City of Lacrimo

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